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Reading Group 15th October

October 14, 2013
A reminder that the next meeting of the Reading Group is this Wednesday, 16 Oct in Arts 2.18.
Tessa Chynoweth and Anna Kretschmer will be introducing visual sources pertaining to their postgraduate research in the Centre. All welcome.
Doing things with pictures, 1700-1830
Postgrad Reading Group lead by Prof John Barrell (QM English)
The work of graduate students in various disciplines in the humanities can often be made clearer in its arguments, more wide-ranging, livelier, in the end more publishable, by making reference to visual images – whether to help define the contemporary context of an event or piece of writing, or to give greater depth to accounts of social and cultural practices, or to make comparisons or contrasts between what can and can’t be said or shown at any time in different practices of representation – and so on. But students are often constrained in their use of images by the worry that, having no training in the discussion of images, and no expertise in the history of art, whatever they say about pictures will risk seeming naïve or ill-informed. This reading group will try to address that anxiety by looking hard at pictures, to discover what, even without specialist knowledge, we can say about them, and how discussing them could animate our work as historians, literary critics, geographers, or whatever. We will start by a close analysis of a single painting chosen by me, but what we do in the meetings that follow will depend on what members of the group believe will be most useful to them in their own work. What we read will depend on what we choose to focus on, but the programme will put much more emphasis on looking at pictures than on reading about them.
Time: Wednesday 17:00-19:00
Dates: fortnightly in semester one: 2 Oct 2013; 16 Oct 2013; 30 Oct 2013; 6 Nov 2013; 27 Nov 2013; 11 Dec 2013
Location: ArtsTwo 218
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